NEWS 2017

Updates on Martin Hall’s new book “1971–1985”, interviews and features, Politikens Boghal, exhibition at HEART, the vinyl release of “Random Hold” and following chart positions, Record Store Day 2017, Copenhagen Main Library, Polish band cover of “Another Heart Laid Bare”, Kirsten Thorup talk, Bogforum 2017 and the massive vinyl/book box set “Hall Cronhammar Index”.



NEWS 2016

Updates on Literature Salon #1, different Pol Plus events, the new anthology “Changes”, the premiere of the theatre play “Romantic” featuring new Martin Hall music, Marcel de Sade celebration at CPH Library, a midsummer St. Thomas Church spoken word performance, the passing of EMP and a television portrayal of Asta Nielsen.




Updates on the new Janina Katz/Martin Hall album “Efterladt” and the accompanying video, the exhibition “H” by Ingvar Cronhammar at The Cisterns for which Hall has written the music, the Tomas Lagermand Lundme curated group exhibition “Ceasefire” at Overgaden, the Danish Queen’s visit to “H”, new interviews and radio features as well as his curatorship on The Lake.



Berlingske 9.11.14 (Thomas Lekfeldt)NEWS 2014

Updates on the performance play ”Prototype/Protokol”, Berlin show at The Royal Danish Embassy, new Robin Skjoldborg photo book, Bogforum 2014, DR Klassisk, Spil Dansk Dagen 2014, DR P8 Jazz, Henrik Möll, Martin Hall live on stage with Marc Almond in London, new essay in Reception, Smagsdommerne, European praise of the ”Phasewide, Exit Signs” album and more.




Updates on ”album of the year”, William S. Burroughs arrangement, the soprano Djina Mai-Mai interprets Hall, Odense Spoken Word festival, new limited edition graphical work, The Court Theatre, brilliant reviews of the new album, Danish concerts 2013, new video, The P2 Awards 2013 and more.



NEWS 2012

Updates on ”If Power Asks Why” with mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini and classical pianist Tanja Zapolski, Kulturnatten, the Matisse exhibition “Doubles and Variations” at SMK, the book ”Nostatic!”, Knud Odde, concert at The Podlasie Opera in Poland, the album ”Performing Apart”, Tone and more.



HallTonePlatform4FotoSimonAndersenNEWS 2011

Updates on Hall and Iceage, artist meeting with former ballet star Nini Theilade at DRK, Øverste Kirurgiske, ”The Hidden Tapes”, Before, the record project ”Minute Papillon” with 60 international artists, Sandra Day’s posthumous album debut, the American Pesteg Dred release, The Wire feature and more.



2010 Salon Midwelt 5NEWS 2010

Updates on the book and theatre play ”Kinoplex”, the television show ”Salon Midwelt”, Pesteg Dred/SS-Say album, ”Live at St. Paul’s”, the book ”Something Rotten!”, Warehouse 9, classical concerts at Nyborg Slot and Schubertiaden, the exhibition ”Re-Modelling The World” and more.



St. Paul's DVDNEWS 2009

Updates on German and Danish Hall concerts, the audio-visual “Apart”-festival at Platform 4, ”Mirrorball” and ”Rewriting the Scene”, special editions of ”Relief” and ”Cutting Through”, Charles Baudelaire, the album ”Hospital Cafeterias”, Else Marie Pade, “P.O.” video, Claus Beck-Nielsen Memorial, special editions of ”Apparently All the Same” and ”Random Hold” and more.



Hall Talent 2008NEWS 2008

Updates on the ”Færden” collaboration with Danish poet Nicolaj Stochholm, ”Catalyst”, new single with Marybell Katastrophy, the book ”Weightless Man under Ominous Sky”, Talent 2008, European release of ”The Last Romantic”, Hall’s debut as an actor the motion picture ”The Flame & The Lemon”, the essay collection ”Infodementia” and more.



2007 Martin Hall Marcel de SadeNEWS 2007

Updates on the box set ”Catalogue”, Anders Remmer, Bjørn Svin, Marcel de Sade, the Klub Golem Award 2007, literary debut as a novelist in Germany with ”Die schönsten Weihnachtsgeschichten aus Skandinavien”, Storstrøms Kammerensemble, ”Bal des Artistes”, the Ingvar Cronhammar collaboration ”As if Through a Glass and Darkly” and more.




The sections from 2007 to 2011 is taken from the former Martin Hall website. Due to the upload of the new site in 2012 many of the links in these notices have become ineffective since then. Due to technical standards we have only been able to go back to 2007.

The original Martin Hall website was established in 1996 and was the first Danish website for an independent artist.